2014 A to Z: A is for Art Nouveau

This is my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge. For the month of April, I --and over 2,000 other participants -- will put up a new, daily post with a topic that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet and, in my case, revolves around the historical elements that have informed my new novel, Famine. (You didn't think I'd miss the chance for a book plug, didja?) Today is the first day so, naturally, I'm starting with:


A is for Art Nouveau

Popular during the late-Victorian and early-Edwardian periods (1890-1910), art nouveau is a distinctive style that appeared not only in the fine arts, but architecture, lighting, decorating, textiles, silver, jewelry, and interior design. It's inspired by natural forms and curved lines and shows the artists' attempts to harmonize with nature.

Here are a few examples of art nouveau design:

Famine takes place during the height of the art nouveau period (1895-1906) and I've tried to capture the connection between the characters and their natural environment:

For so long he had been forced to surrender his soul’s power to his enemy. For so long this gift had been extracted from him against his will. Bartholomew had forgotten the wonder of it. And he’d forgotten that with the pain of becoming an aesir, he’d gained this wondrous connection to the earth and the heavens, the souls and all the living things.

Past Smith’s Cove, Larissa took him into a wide track of pines, maples, and alders as the path skirted high bluffs. The trees swayed and groaned. Their leaves chattered as the warm breeze danced amid them and sprinkled Bartholomew and his horse with raindrops.

He reined in the mare and closed his eyes. From the woods around him and the detritus beneath the Hanoverian’s feet came the small, scuttling movements of beetles and worms, mice and birds. From the houses, tenements, and buildings behind him the sweet and sour notes of the chorus of souls ebbed and flowed.

He opened his eyes. He could pick any spirit, feel its fears, know its dreams.

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