A Preview of The Mother Element

I’m diligently working on The Mother Element (formerly Maid of Iron), the sequel to Girl Under Glass. These are post-developmental edit notes and there’s a lot of work to do, but the story is coming together nicely, I think. (I hope!) So many readers have waited soooo long for this book that I feel a lot of pressure to produce a book that outperforms expectations.

Anyhoo, I thought some people might enjoy a little preview of the work. Unlike GUG, this book presents both Rachel’s and Ehtishem’s POVs. I quite like having two views of the story.

If you don’t enjoy spoilers, don’t read ahead. This scene hints at some serious trouble the Ohnenrai (and Rachel and Ehtishem) are facing.

If you don’t mind spoilers, enjoy!


“We have to assume all aboard Dathusha are lost.”

Timsai grasped his shoulder. “It doesn’t end like this, Ehtishem.”

Ehtishem nodded, but he was certain it did. Eventually, the Azatem would catch him and Rachel on Iodiq, well before Pohru-Mahrko’s repairs were completed. Timsai slowly saluted, the fingers of his right hand touching the outside corner of his right eye, his left palm slapping his thigh.

Ehtishem returned the salute, held his oldest friend’s gaze for a long moment, then left Pohru-Mahrko’s command deck with Tinish and Gahlen. They joined Berk and Deniz in the Forward Launch Bay. Stig and Gohra were prepping Eshmahe, a small, heavily-armed transport, when he arrived with his entourage.

“Listen up,” he said. They stopped loading gear and faced him. “Consider this a suicide mission, pa’nerem. If you leave Pohru-Mahrko now, she may not be here when you return. If you set foot dirtside, there will be Azatem-infected creatures waiting to kill you or worse. You don’t have to sacrifice your lives today. Rachel Pryne has always been my mission, not yours. You won’t lose my respect or my friendship if you choose to remain aboard Porhu-Mahrko. I don’t require aid from any of you. I can retrieve her and Panca Seven-oh-one without your help. But the Ohnenrai need good soldiers.”

Gahlen nodded. “They also need a good leader.”

Ehtishem said, “You have the thrai now.”

“And we’re grateful to know that Pohru-Mahrko will be under his capable guidance, fra,” Anchal said. “But we’re staying with you.”

Stig murmured her agreement and added, “We’re family.”

“And you’ve always been our mission, fra,” Tinish added.


The Mother Element (c) 2018 Monica Enderle Pierce

Illustration (c) 2018 Qistina Khalidah