A Question of Romance

I've been thinking -- often a scary idea for those who know and love me -- about romance in fiction lately. What is romance? What is romantic? Where's the line between erotic and romantic?Several things sent me down this rabbit hole. A. One of my critique group members noted that she reads romance novels, but doesn't like love scenes that mention the, ahem, 'dangly bits'. (Guys, you know what I'm talking about.) B. A recent blog post by a very well-published romance author in which she said most readers skip love scenes. C. The ongoing genre question I have for my own books. (ie. What genre do I write? Lately, I'm leaning toward Romantic Paranormal and Romantic Dystopian) So, questions: What do you think is the difference between Romantic Paranormal and Paranormal Romance? And do you skip or read love scenes? Are you pro or anti dangly bits? My opinions are, for the record: Romantic Paranormal has more story, Paranormal Romance has more ogling and groping. I'm pro-love. (No surprise there.) As for dangly bits, I expect them in erotica, but find they take me out of the story in ParaRomance/RomanticPara.