Books for Troops: Reblogging a Good Cause

Hello luvs, The following is a partially reblogged post from The Misadventures in Candyland (YA author, Candace Ganger's blog). The short of it is that Candace is collecting autographed print books to send to our troops overseas. (Specifically a platoon her daughter's class has adopted.) I'm contributing Girl Under Glass and thought a lot of you would like to do the same.

Check out her request. The original blog is here. If you're an author who would like to participate, you can email Candace at

The other part of her homework is ongoing, through December 14th. Because the class adopted a whole platoon, they're looking to fill as many boxes of things for the soldiers as possible. One thing on the list that obvs caught my eye was BOOKS. Of course I didn't even flinch because I've met so many amazing authors who I hope will want to help some soldiers have a happy holiday, even though they're away from home.

If you have a published book, or know an author or editor who does, please pass this post on. I'd love to make sure every soldier gets a book (preferably autographed). If you're interested in helping out, email me at You'll be able to mail to me or to the school directly. Whichever makes you more comfortable. I'll give you all the details and I'll also pretend I'm hugging you. I might even kiss your forehead on behalf of all those serving our country.

Regardless if you help, please spread the word.


Pretty awesome, eh? So get crack-a-lackin' and let's overwhelm those soldiers with some good reads this holiday season.