Dear Author....

Photo by  Lacie Slezak  on  Unsplash

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

Apparently we need to have a conversation about behavior. Again. I’ll be brief.

Don’t get all huffy with readers/reviewers/editors when they tell you (honestly) that your book is a turd.

Readers are your friends. Editors are your friends. Reviewers are your friends. These people want you to succeed. If your book sucks, fix it instead of whining. It is your product and not a reflection of your value as a human being. If your ego is too fragile to take criticism, find another career. You will NOT last as an author.

If you insist upon behaving worse than most two-year-olds, the rest of us will start to hate you. Really.

“But–” you say.

No #####-ing "buts". Your book sucks. You want someone to pay you for it? Fix it. There are no excuses for selling crap. And we are sick and tired of your complaints, B.S., abuse (of said readers/editors/reviewers), and laziness. Writing is hard work which, unlike the rest of us, you apparently failed to realize.

So do your job or get another one.