Famine #39: A Long Wait (WeWriWa)

Welcome back to another Weekend Writing Warriors post. Today's eight complete the first chapter of Famine. (Yes, I think I'm gonna shorten the title to just the single word. This will be the first book in the Apocalyptics series.) Last week, the Catcher's crows creeped a bunch of you out and raised the question of what Bartholomew would do about that entity's interest in eight-year-old Matilde.


file0001330232053He’d searched eleven hundred years for her. He could wait another twenty. He could protect her and see to her education. Matilde would become the Catcher. Bartholomew would be her Guardian.

Once more the crow tapped the glass. Bartholomew looked up to see it bob and duck its head then drop away from the sill. The bird swooped around and up and was joined by the rest of its murder to form a black-winged cloud that made the stars wink as it soared over and away from the Sixth Ward.


I hope you all to take a peek at the list of awesome writers posting this week at wewriwa.com. Lots of terrific snippets await your view.


On a side note, I have a sinus infection and some hacking lung plague. Spending the weekend in bed in a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to get some sleep. If I don't make any reading rounds or replies this week, I apologize. I don't want to cough on any of your blogs.