Famine #40: Mr. Vernon (wewriwa)

Hello, again, readers and writers. Welcome back to another eight sentences posted for Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm cranking away on Famine, having passed the halfway mark on the first draft last week; hoping to finish it this month. Since I finished posting the first chapter excerpts last week, I decided to randomly select the next scene. So let me introduce you to Mr. Vernon, Bartholomew's butler. In this scene, which takes place on a train traveling from New York to Chicago, Matilde is chatting with him while Bartholomew, now her legal guardian, composes a letter.


DixieKid_2“The fight was fairly won,” Mr. Vernon said as he buffed one of Monsieur’s tan toothpicks. He glanced up at Matilde, a smile quirking his lips, and added, “If you consider a thirty pound advantage fair.” He swiped his rag over the shoe, frowned, and went to work on its tapered toe.

“The advantage was yours, sir?” Matilde asked.

He nodded. “And the fight was my opponent’s doing. I wouldn’t have taken him on with such a disparity, Miss, but he kept at me about it. I knocked him down three times before the referee called it in my favor.”


Thanks to all of you who stopped by last week, left comments, and encouraged me to get better. My kiddo got sick midweek, which set my own recovery back, so I'm still in bed. Nastiest cold season I can recall. I'm really quite sick of being sick.


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