Famine #42: Between Two Worlds (Weekend Writing Warriors)

Hello and welcome back for another WeWriWa post from Famine. On Monday I finished the first draft of this novel. Been letting it sit, and will dive into edits this week. Already started talking to ByteStudio Photography about cover concepts. Casting is moving forward and I'm looking into wardrobe, locations, and makeup/hair artists. So much fun! :D I love pulling together cover shoots. In the meantime, I'm doling out another random scene. This one takes place on the Overland Flyer (the first transcontinental train in the U.S.).

============Sierra Nevadas

They had reached the Sierra Nevadas. Bartholomew stood upon the observation platform, smoking and watching the night go by. The mountains, glittering with frost beneath the full moon, looked like silver saw teeth cutting toward the stars. They hewed their way up through the stardust sky to cleave a line between Heaven and Earth.

Two worlds and he belonged to neither.

The door behind him opened to admit Matilde and Mrs. Henderson. “Goodness, the wind has a bite,” the governess said. “I’m reconsidering this foray, Miss Matilde; it’ll do none of us any good if you catch a chill.”


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