Famine #43: Jealousy (Weekend Writing Warriors)

Hello and welcome back for another Weekend Writing Warriors* snippet from Famine, my historical fantasy WIP. These randomly chosen eight sentences bring us back to Claire. She is strolling through Central Park with Nash Barnes hanging on her every word. Bartholomew is trailing them. Claire, for anyone not in the know, is Famine-incarnate, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. *Confession: I forgot to sign up for WeWriWa last week, but thought that I had. (Apparently, sleep deprivation is not a winning strategy.) I posted this earlier in the week, but just decided to let it roll.


file0001201698731“Do you see how the older men adore me?” She paused to smooth the front of her blue walking suit, her fingers making a languorous trek down her bust. “They are my favorites.” She looked up at Barnes then met Bartholomew’s gaze and said, “Do you know why, Barnes?”

“No, Ma’am.”

She smiled. “Because their droopy, old wives despise me. Jealousy is delicious, like sweet cream and berries.”


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