Famine #47: Bullfrog (WeWriWa)

Hola, Weekend Writing Warriors and friends! Let's dive right into this week's random Famine post, hmm? It's low tea at Bartholomew's house. Matilde (now 15 years old) is talking with Mrs. Henderson (her governess):


antique teapot and saucer“What kind of treachery have you foisted upon your long-suffering guardian, child?”

“I refused to complete Suite bergamasque.”

Bartholomew spread sweet cream on a warm scone and attempted not to be baited by the chitchat.

“Is that all?”

“And I pouted because he would not show me his sketch--a portrait of me at the piano. Doubtless he’s given me an elephant’s nose and donkey ears.”

“And the wide, croaking mouth of a bullfrog,” Bartholomew added between bites.

“Monsieur!” Mrs. Henderson’s protest held all the appearance of being genuine, but Matilde laughed.


*snort* He makes me laugh, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments each week, guys! Here's the link to the official WeWriWa list. Check 'em all out.