Famine #49: Coquette (Weekend Writing Warriors)

Happy weekend and Happy Mothers Day, Weekend Writing Warriors and friends! Got my Famine cover shoot rescheduled, so I'm back on the road to getting some great marketing shots for Show and Tell. In the meantime, the random scene pick for this week follows. Matilde (now 15) has just gotten busted by Bartholomew. She was in his study, the one room in the house that's strictly off limits to her.


This work is in the public domain in the European Union and non-EU countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years or less.

She bit her lip and looked up at him from beneath her lashes. “Please?” Her whispered word was soft and sensual, and it made his ire soar.

“Do not act like a coquette with me. You are not your mother, Matilde.”

Her chin jerked up, and she snapped, “My mother worked hard.”

“Your mother was a drunken harlot who beat her children. You are better than that, and I will not tolerate you acting like a criminal or a whore.”



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