Famine #52: An Unfair Fight (WeWriWa)

Thanks for stopping by for another eight sentences, Weekend Writing Warriors and friends. Today's excerpt from Famine has Bartholomew in conversation with Mrs. Henderson, the governess. (She's the first to speak.) At this point, he has begun training Matilde to fight. Note: I've changed raveners to cadavers, but they're still the same nasty, soulless bastards.


Apocalypse_vasnetsov"You are a full eleven inches taller and no less than eighty pounds heavier. You are a trained, hardened warrior. How is this possibly a fair match?”

“It’s not, and that, madame, is the point. Matilde will face cadavers taller, faster, and certainly more intent upon spilling her blood than I am." He tapped his chest. "And she will face them in numbers. She must not fear pain—neither to receive it nor to deliver it.”


Hard times ahead for that girl.


Thanks for all the lovely comments on my previous post. I'm on set for the Famine cover shoot Sunday, so I'll be out of the loop. (I'm ridiculously excited to get my hands on these pics!)

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