Famine #54: The Centurion (WeWriWa & Sunday Snippet)

Hi All! June has been a whirlwind month. I like busy, but damn! Let's hope for a quiet July filled with many lazy editing days and ending with a book release, hmmm? So, with the usual hop, skip, and jump, my cursor landed on the following eight from Famine for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Here Bartholomew is recalling old times as he inspects the sixteen hundred-year-old gladius that he carried into battle for Rome.


Famine by Monica PierceThe scratch of steel on wood as he drew the gladius reminded him of long-gone battles and long-dead loves. With a practiced eye, the aesir inspected the steel blade and the bone pommel. Not a speck of corrosion marred the glint of light upon the sword’s surface.

He put the scabbard aside, stood, and tested the weight of the weapon. A few slow slashes and thrusts, and Bartholomew’s muscles recalled battle. The aesir picked up speed and power. A low slash to his enemy’s kneecaps, a thrust upward beneath a shield into a soldier’s belly, a powerful cut to cleave a man’s arm or split his skull. He recalled the stench of offal and shit, the screams of men and horses, the thud and clang, the mud and blood and suffering that accompanied Rome’s might.


Yeah, good times, good times....


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