Famine #58: Everything Changes

Hi guys, diving right into this week's Weekend Writing Warriors post from Famine. (The first speaker is Mrs. Henderson, the governess who cares for Bartholomew's ward, Matilde. The girl is the subject of their conversation.) ======================

ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

“It should not surprise you that she has noticed your prevarication and demands an explanation.”

Mr. Vernon added, “Avoidance was never a winning strategy, Monsieur.”

Bartholomew took a long drag on his cigarette and held the smoke. He studied the black shadows and silver light that filled the yard. They made the familiar seem foreign.

Everything changes. He exhaled. Perhaps even me.


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This post is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Theodore Ross, who died peacefully last night. He was 101+ years old, sharp as a shard, and always ready with a bright smile, open arms, and a sloppy kiss. I miss you already, Grandpa Ted. Everything changes, indeed.