Famine #59: So Many Spirits

Hello readers and writers! After taking a much-needed break last weekend, I'm back with another eight sentences from Famine, my historical urban fantasy, for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippets Sunday. It's night aboard a transcontinental train bound for San Francisco, and Bartholomew is searching for a man who has made the mistake of garnering his displeasure.


ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

As he walked he brushed his fingers along the hem of the heavy curtains that enclosed the sleeping berths. Behind them were so many spirits. He paused and felt for dreams. They skimmed his soul, leaving impressions more than pictures. Here was joy, there satisfaction. Worry tainted this one and lust colored a great many others.

He moved on. This was not the correct car.


There you go. I'm working through editorial notes and hope to have this sucker ready for beta readers by the end of the month. Thanks!


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