Famine #60: Protective

Hi-dee-ho, readers and writers. Welcome back for another Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday installment from Famine. Editing is close to completion. (I'd be done if life didn't keep getting in the way. Sheesh! What a summer.) Let's get into it, shall we? Bartholomew has overheard a coupla hooligan boys making inappropriate remarks about Matilde to Thomas Green (a young stablehand). Needless to say, our hero is displeased, and Thomas has some 'splainin' to do.


ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

Thomas scuffed his boot in the trampled dirt, making a rut. “Is there anything I can assist you with, sir?”

“Oui. You can tell me the names of the young gentlemen with whom you were conversing about my ward.”


“Their names, Thomas. I make it my business to know the background and intentions of anyone who demonstrates an interest in Matilde.”

Thomas looked over his shoulder then back at Bartholomew and said, “You overheard us?”


Ruh-roh, Scooby Doo. I think Thomas may pee his pants. Poor kid.


A special note of thanks to all of you who have been visiting and commenting over the past few weeks. I've been doing a crap job of reciprocating lately. (See note about life above.) Today's not looking much better. This is birthday party weekend for Mini Me. But I just wanted to say, "Thanks! You guys float my boat."


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