Famine #62: The Wonder of It

Welcome back! I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful last-gasp summer weekend. I don't want to keep you from all the other Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday posts before you run off to barbecues and beaches, so let's dive into this week's eight from Famine. Having captured the power of a soul, Bartholomew is reveling in its glory as he rides home on his horse, Larissa.


ByteStudio Photography; Jacob Cartwright

The aesir marveled at the dark expanse of Puget Sound, its waters speckled silver with the waning moon’s light. He was mesmerized by the rhythm of his horse as they moved together through the night. And he inhaled the warm, damp air that caressed his face as Larissa galloped down a long, grassy slope.

Bartholomew smiled, savoring the power that coursed through his veins and filled him with a luminous glow. How pleasant that Famine is not here to steal this.

For so long he had been forced to surrender his power to Claire and, before her, Lydia. For so long this gift had been extracted from him against his will. Bartholomew had forgotten the wonder of it.


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