Famine #65: Release Her

Hello readers and writers, and welcome back for another snippet from Famine for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Diving right into the pot today. Matilde has taken a risk with a cadaver in a dark alley. Fortunately, her guardian is on hand to save her skin. =======================

Famine by Monica Pierce[The cadaver] grabbed her throat and arm, and yanked her around. He turned toward Bartholomew, Matilde pressed against his body, and asked, “This yours?”

Matilde seized the cadaver's wrist and pulled down, locking her elbows to her sides to prevent him from choking her.

“Release her,” Bartholomew commanded as he stalked toward them.

“I don’t know what your gambit is, but you’ve chosen the wrong muggins,” the cadaver said.

Bartholomew kept coming. He dropped the sling. He pulled the large boning knife from its sheath. “Release her.”


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