Famine #70: How About a Fight?

Hello readers and writers! I'm back to post for Weekend Writing Warriors. Last week we saw Bartholomew preparing for battle. This week is Round One: Bartholomew vs. Vladimir, the Russian cadaver. ========

Famine by Monica PierceBartholomew sneered. “Famine is a whore and you are a cockchafer.”

“I can’t allow that kind of sentiment to stand.” Vladimir drew the long, curved shashka from its scabbard and pointed it at Bartholomew. “Because I admire you, aesir, I will kill you quickly.”

“You’ve said that before, yet here I remain.” Bartholomew parried the Russian’s sword as the man leaped across the room and swung the blade toward his face.

The crash and crack of furnishings filled the room as the aesir and the cadaver battled with unbridled ferocity.


What? You didn't think I was gonna post the whole fight, didja? :P


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