Fear and the Book Launch


You've probably noticed by now that I'm launching a book this Friday. (The Shadow & The Sun. 4/22. $0.99. Buy! Buy! Buy! Yada-yada-yada...) H135 NecrosisBut that's not what I'm blogging about. Today's subject is the abject terror that I feel going into this launch. I want this book to do well. And by "well" I mean tickle the mysterious Amazon algorithms enough to be auto-recommended to readers. By "well" I mean sell enough copies to make back the money I've invested in it and then settle into a steady stream of modest sales.

What are my fears?

Have I done enough to get the word out? (Probably not, but I've done what I could.)

Will readers buy the book based on the description and the cover? (Who the hell knows? I've gotten good feedback on both, so yes. Hopefully.)

Will readers like Gethen, Halina, the story? (Some yes, some no, some maybe. All out of my hands.)

The launch party's set.

The ads are bought.

The reviews are coming in.

What else is there to do? I wonder as I stare at the screen and worry.

Answer: Write the second book.


So, A Castle to Keep, here I come.