First Comes Famine #34: Parasite (Six Sentence Sunday)

Hello Sixers, welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday post from my historical urban fantasy WIP, First Comes Famine. Last week Claire filleted Bartholomew's scar from his arm, then taunted him. This week's post continues the scene: ============

Apocalypse_vasnetsov“Too painful to see yourself in a ravener like me?” She smirked, dropped the shirt, and added, “Perhaps a soul isn’t so attractive after all, aesir. It makes you weak.” She turned for the door, but paused and said over her shoulder, “That’s why the Horsemen wanted to escape. We’re the only ones from the Outer Darkness with any spine.”

Bartholomew retrieved the shirt and replied, “Yet you are the parasite here.”


His tongue is as sharp as hers.


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