First Comes Famine #35: Small Revenge (Six Sentence Sunday)

Here we are at the last. Six small sentences away from closing the pages on Six Sentence Sunday. Thanks to all of you who've visited and/or commented on my posts over these many months. And a very special thanks to Sara and the 6SS crew for giving up so many hours. Yours is a boundless generosity. I'm skipping a few paragraphs in the latest confrontation between Bartholomew and Claire to come to the closure of the scene. Seemed apropos. (And, for those who don't know, the eschaton is the end of the world.) From First Comes Famine:


Robert Cornelius (c. 1839)

Claire’s smile became a snarl. “Your Catcher’s first breath will be her last. I’ll drain her blood and soul and consume her flesh, and you will suffer for me forever. The eschaton will come, aesir, and you will herald it.” She stomped from the room, leaving her clothing behind.

Bartholomew picked up her gown, fingered the fine blush silk, the delicate gold embroidery, and tossed it into the cold, black fireplace ashes.


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