Girl Under Glass #13: Enough! -- Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back, Sixers, for another Six Sentence Sunday excerpt from Girl Under Glass So, last Sunday was annoying -- criminal activity in my hood. (No, I was not involved, you cheeky monkeys. And, yes, we're unscathed, but the neighbor's place was not.) The end result is that I didn't get to respond to your comments, so I'm doing it en masse. You. Are. Awesome! (Man, I'm not sure about another group hug. I'm kinda leery 'cause one of you grabbed my ass last week. Erotica writers, you know I'm talking about you. o.O)

Okay, on with it. Picking up from the last post. Here's the alien soldier's response to Rachel's threat to remove his head with her shotgun.


His chin lifted as he folded his arms and looked down at me, his face a blank canvas. I didn’t doubt that the Ohnenrai people’s emotional detachment had made it easy to kill billions of Terrans.

The dogs, baring and gnashing their teeth, advanced. The man eyed my protectors. “Varet!” The word boomed from him even as he remained expressionless.


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