My Manifesto

Photo by  Clark Young  on  Unsplash

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

I first came across the idea of a manifesto at my former day job. We were working on rebranding the company, and at the suggestion of the awesome Mr. Pierce (my partner in many nefarious deeds, like parenting), I suggested a company manifesto. Turns out these things are not easy. But...I prevailed. Meanwhile, it got me thinking about creating one of my own. I did, set it aside, and forgot about it until this week when it came to mind as I was chatting with some other authors in the Fringe Fiction group on Goodreads. So I dug it out and present it now, a work in progress (as all manifestos should be).

Change is good.

Don't freak out. Few things are worth it.

Take care of yourself then take care of the people you love.

Pick your battles carefully and with an eye on the long run.

Face your fears; you'll discover that they're not nearly as monstrous as you think.

Do your best each day, but know that tomorrow you may do better...or worse.

Don't criticize yourself; there are plenty of people willing to do that for you.

Embrace emotion. Laugh and cry. It's okay to do both. And it's good for you.

Stop and look around at this great, big beautiful world. Marvel in nature. Celebrate the wonder in all our differences.

Say hello to a stranger.

Be brave.

Don't let shame hold you back. In fact, let go of shame altogether.

If you're gonna create something, create the hell out of it.