Okay, decided the final title is Preyers. It has a good ring, is powerful, and connects on the vampire feeding thang and the religious thang. Whaddya think? Been away for a week.  That cold really kicked my butt.  I'm still fighting it.  I think that's a message from my body to my mind: Take better care of yourself, lady!  Of course, that's hard to do when you're on a deadline, your hubby started a new job and he's rehearsing for a play on the weekends.  I usually have Saturdays to clean the house and write.  But, not for a month, or so.  (I can't complain, he works so hard and helps me out so much with the little 'un, that he more than deserves the creative break.)

Anywho, the editing is coming along swimmingly.  Granted, it's slow, but I'm basically going line by line through the entire manuscript to tighten.  What I've learned about my writing so far: I'm addicted to past participles with the passive voice and gerunds.  Buh.  Active, active, active!  Hence, the going through every sentence.  Which is not a bad thing -- the line-by-line editing, that is. The book is certainly tighter as a result and I patched a few plot holes and tweaked a subplot point that I knew was weak.  Now, I'm contemplating the first two thirds of the first chapter.  I may shift the order of events around.  I'll finish the edit, then see.  I think letting things brew a bit is a good idea before I pull out the scalpel and the red pen.


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