Readers and Cake

Photo by  Jordane Mathieu  on  Unsplash

Having anyone buy one of my books is suh-wheet! Hearing feedback from readers is icing on the cake. But having them recommend my books to their friends and family? That's like the fancy-schmancy decorations that you see on that there cake. Recently I received the following note from a U.K. reader:

I just wanted to share this with you....

I have been recommending Famine to anybody that will listen to me, I loved it so much I want to spread the word, and one of my colleagues picked up a copy recently and has just come to me to say: 'Thanks for that book recommendation, I’ve nearly finished it and it’s been really good. I was surprised at how down to earth it is, the way the four characters bounce off one another. It's quite real, quite believable. Yeh, I'm really enjoying it, you'll have to tell me when the next one is out...' You see, you’ve got another follower eagerly waiting for the second in the series. You’ve got us all hooked! :-)

This, you guys, this is why I want every novel that I release to be the best book I can possibly create. Yes, I'm writing stories that I want to read. And, yes, I want them to have legs so that my daughter will inherit a creative legacy that's worth something. But I never forget that every word must hold weight and every tale must have meaning for all of you, as well. Every book should be an experience that resonates from the moment you see the cover to the time you read "The End".

We're in this together, dear readers, you and me and all those heroic, beleaguered characters.

Thank you for buying, reviewing, and recommending my novels to other readers.

You're the flowers on my cake.