Reworking and More Reworking

So, the simmering is done and I've taken the novel off the stove.  The first thing I realized is that Matilde's all over the place in her attitude toward Bartholomew.  Which, of course, makes perfect sense because we always feel ambiguity toward the people in our lives, but it's a bit of a problem in a book.  So, I'm clarifying that particular aspect of the plot.  I think it's working out quite well, but with 500 pages, it's hard to keep it all straight in my head.  Using Scrivner helps, immensely!  (Thank you for making index cards, guys.) Also, began working on symbolism.  That's one of my favorite parts of writing.  I love linking it all together and dropping in those little symbolic cues; they help bring those "ah ha!" moments to life, ya know?  Also, started integrating color theory in.  Another fun aspect of writing.  (I should do a post about color theory and character.)

Matilde's the complex one.  She keeps changing her attitude on things and people, especially the gentlemen.  You'll see!  Everyone thinks vampires, daemons, and archangels are such mysterious creatures but, really, they're just as ridiculous as the rest of us.  They just live long enough to learn how to laugh at themselves.  Well, most of them, that is!


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