Rust and Ruin No. 1


It's been a loooong time since I last participated in Weekend Writing Warriors, and I've missed the feedback and getting to see what other writers are working on and releasing. I have several projects in progress, but cannot post from some of them. However, I do have a new short prequel to my post-apocalyptic space opera, Girl Under Glass. Titled Rust and Ruin, it will be published shortly. (NOTE: I previously posted two snippets from this work under the title Breaking Faith. You can read them here and here.) So, here we go; Ehtishem not quite alone in the woods:


There was a four-foot, rocky drop-off from the slope to the creek bank, and Ehtishem peered over the edge to see the sandy-haired Terran youth, knee-deep in water, trying to catch a fish from the pool.

The Ohnenran stepped forward and dropped from the low cliff to the bank.

“Oh shit!” The boy lunged back and landed in the water up to his chest.

Ehtishem hauled him from the frigid creek, a massive fist manacling the youngster’s left bicep. He deposited the boy on the pebbled bank and said, “Stay.” Then, like a grizzly, the Ohnenrai soldier swatted the largest of the fish from the water to the shore. Pointing at the flopping salmon, he said, “Bring it.”


Thanks for reading and commenting. A little more tweaking and this sucker will be ready for publication. (Slated for a spring release.)

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