That's what the book is supposed to be doing, simmering.  But, I find it hard to leave it alone.  I want to tweak this and check that.  Did I get this detail right?  Does that make sense in the time line?  It's a fictionalization, yes, but there's a time and place for every element.  And, only creative license has been granted, after all. I've been filling my evenings with working on some short stories and researching Thailand.  How do you write realistically about a place you've never seen?  I can get descriptions from my friends who spent so much time there, but it's still hard to put that into words on the page.  I'm so grateful for YouTube.  The other evening I found a 20-minute tourism video covering all the regions of Thailand.  But, do you think I could fink the link to put here tonight?  Of course not.  (Sigh.)  I'll keep looking and post it if I find it.  Anyway, I don't know how writers got the details correct before the internet.  Videos have been most helpful, particularly in getting the sounds correct.  The Thai jungle is a very noisy place.  I thought it very important to capture that noise and, more significantly, it's disappearance when Matilde and/or her companions pass.  So, having videos to reference has been invaluable.

The greater challenge, however, has been extrapolating sounds and sights to apply to locations back in the second half of the 1800s.  This is why I don't get enough sleep these days!

Ah, perspective.  I think I'll cover that in the next blog.  What a wonderful topic.