Six Sentence Sunday

I loved participating in this group last week, so think I'll keep it going. I'm hoping to see more of the Six Sentence Sunday posts this weekend. We're gearing up to lease our house and move, so I'm a bit frazzled on the weekends. Not enough time for everything! Anywhoo, here's more from Fall for Me. Last week's post was a tender moment with Bartholomew, this time, a little insight into his power and history.

(Some background: Matilde and Bartholomew are daemons living in Siam in 1908. In this scene, she's confronting a boyish vampire who's terrorizing a Siamese girl, Lawan, in the middle of a mangrove swamp.)


I saw my lover’s fingers curl into claws; watched those claws close into fists as he moved into the swamp. The faded blue Roman eagle on the back of his right hand flexed its wings. The tattoo marked him as a fifteen-hundred-year-old killer.

The boy retreated as Bartholomew approached.

I heard Lawan swallowing her sobs and closed my eyes, pushing back memories of my own daughter’s terror.

Bartholomew moved between the tree and the vampire. “Get off my property before I break you, like I did your friend.”