Six Sentence Sunday: #9 -- Now It's Fer Me

Hi friends! Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday installment from Flight, my paranormal short. Last week we left Bartholomew on the roof and poor, little Tilly sprawled on the alley's cobblestones. Will she stay down? If you're new to this story, and want to read from the beginning, you'll find the first installment here.


Mary smirked as she yanked the little, bundled shawl from Tilly’s arms. “Now it’s fer me.” She spat on her victim then marched back to the waiting boys.

Bartholomew’s fists clenched as Mary revealed a small heel of bread from the ragged shawl and doled out shares to her lackeys. Her back to her victim, the bully draped the stolen shawl over her shoulder and shoveled bread into her mouth.

Tilly rolled over, rose to her knees, and looked around.


For anyone unfamiliar with Six Sentence Sunday, it's a weekly blog hop where writers -- published and unpublished -- post six sentence snippets from their projects. Check out the site for more information, links to more writers, and to join in.