Six Sentence Sunday: Chop, chop.

First, many thanks to all of you who viewed and/or commented on last week's Six Sentence Sunday post. You guys make me smile, and I'm glad Cyrus and I can creep you out. I'll be editing Girl Under Glass for the foreseeable future, and just had to cut a scene that I really like. So why not use some of those words for this week's SSS post?

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not very nice to my characters; in this case poor Rachel's trippin' involuntarily.

----- A slap jarred me back to consciousness where the world still warped and distorted like Satan’s idea of a rainbow.

“Rachel Pryne.”

I tried to raise my chin from my chest, but my muscles wouldn’t cooperate. My shirt was wet, and I latched onto that fact like a drowning man and forced my brain to connect it to the line of drool hanging from my lower lip.

He spoke again. “What is so interesting about you that Ohnenrai Genetics would send a man on a suicide mission to retrieve you?” -----

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