Six Sentence Sunday: Duck!


So, Sixers, I must admit that I love torturing and pissing off my characters. What's better than really getting the emotions going? I learn so much when I put them on the rack and tighten the screws.

Hence, today's six is lifted from the second half of Girl Under Glass. Rachel's just discovered that Sree has cooked an obscene amount of food for Ehtishem's breakfast.

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One of the frayed strands holding my sanity in check snapped. “We’ve been starving – hunting and scrounging – while you and your people ate like this? While you ate our food?” I grabbed a peeled orange and threw it at Ehtishem. He and Sree ducked, but couldn’t avoid the shower of juice as the fruit exploded against the wall. “You son-of-a-bitch!”