Six Sentence Sunday: First Comes Famine #30 -- I'm Not Sated

Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday, and thanks for all of last week's great feedback. Once again, I'm posting from First Comes Famine. It's gonna be tough for me to make the rounds this weekend, but I'll do my best to catch up during the week. So let's get on with it.

We last saw Bartholomew as he turned away from his window to find Claire holding his knife.


Claire eyed his scarred right forearm like a child considering a cake, and Bartholomew stifled the urge to smack her. He’d permitted her to drag him too far into the mire today, and he was determined to stop that precipitous decline.

The blade whispered against leather as she slid it from its home. “I’m not sated.”

He crossed his arms. “You cut me yesterday.”


And, we're right back to confrontation. What is it with these two? You'll soon find out.... In the meantime, check out more sixes by following the links listed on the official Six Sentence Sunday site.