Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #11 -- She's Goin' Down

It's Six Sentence Sunday, and man, what a week. Noro virus is an evil mistress and she took the Pierce household by storm. But I have survived. Mostly. Anyhoo, here's the next six of Flight. If you read last week's installment, you know what's coming. If you didn't, well check it out here. Or start from the beginning of this story here.

Warning: Blood and violence ahead.


The bully turned, and the little girl leapt forward. Her rock-filled fist whipped around to smash Mary’s cheek and nose. The older girl’s head snapped to the side. She staggered into one of the boys and they both hit the ground as the second boy stared at Tilly, open-mouthed like a fish. He wore a swath of bright red blood across his chest and face.

“Nobody steals from me!”


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