Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #15 Will He Do It?

Weeping BeautyWelcome back to my Six Sentence Sunday post from Flight. Last week I was a stinker and left you with a cliffhanger. But fear not! The resolution follows. (If you didn't see last week's post, you might want to read it before you peruse today's six.) ======

Then he remembered Lydia snapping the neck of a towering, dark Tatar and consuming the man’s vicious soul. And he wondered how this child, with her delicate, little bird bones, possibly could harness so much power and brutality. How could she steal the souls of murderers and rapists and send them screaming back to the Outer Darkness? Bartholomew existed to protect the Catcher, but did his duty include condemning a child to an eternity of violence?

The return of Matilde’s drunk and fighting parents decided the night, and Bartholomew escaped to the roof, where he smoked and paced until the rising sun drove him uptown and back into his enemy’s arms.

And the Catcher, displeased with his hesitation, sent her sentinels to swoop and dive and bedevil him every step of the way.


Now, you didn't really think Bartholomew Etienne Pelletier, Esq. was that monstrous, did you? Oh, no. The real monster is yet to come....


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A note about today's picture: Bartholomew is neither an angel, nor a devil. But I found the visual contradictions in this picture compelling; it is at once beautiful and hideous. As are we all.