Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #16 Biters

Welcome! It's Six Sentence Sunday and I'm offering up the next installment of my story, Flight. We're moving into the second part of this tale and it's time to meet our antagonist. (If you're new to this story and would like to read from the beginning, it starts here.) Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome and appreciated.

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Claire wrinkled her nose when Bartholomew entered his drawing room. “You’ve been rolling with the pigs again,” she said.

She’d been holding her salon for weeks, and Bartholomew frowned at the newest group of biters lounging on his furniture. Two Poles and a Russian, devoid of their frock coats and waistcoats, were playing cards. And a particularly irritating Southerner, who smelled like cattle and old blood, had his feet on the new récamier.

The interlopers laughed.