Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #19 You Bastards Are Another Story

Lotsa awesome feedback on last week's Six Sentence Sunday installment of Flight. Many of you astutely noted that Bartholomew was looking for a fight and Mr. Barnes had volunteered. So, yeah, pummeling ahead. ============

He jabbed his finger toward Claire and said, “That bitch I am forced to tolerate.” Then he swung his withering glare across the males and added, “You bastards are another story.” Suddenly Bartholomew slammed his foot into Barnes’s legs sending the male half-off the chaise. Before the American could recover, Bartholomew had seized his coat collar and dragged him from the room.

He hauled Barnes to his feet in the hall and propelled the biter, who was by no means weak or small, through the parlor and into the foyer. He stopped when Barnes’s face met the front door, held there by Bartholomew’s large hand pressed against the back of his skull.


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