Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #3 'One Who Is Bound'


Welcome back Sixers, I'm still playing with Flight. So how's about we continue to follow Monsieur Pelletier as he strolls and mulls?

(A caveat on the following picture. My story takes place in the 1840s, approx. 60 years earlier than this photo. So Bartholomew's style of dress is Victorian and the streets were certainly rougher than what you see here. Still, you gotta love this pic.)


“You look like a gentleman who appreciates fine tobacco, sir.”

Indeed Bartholomew was one to appreciate the finer, and coarser, activities the Five Points offered – he’d already been entertained by one of its ladies this evening. But with a glance he assessed the rickety shop for a charlatan’s abode and strolled onward.

Asir – celui qui est attaché. Bartholomew’s jaw tightened. 'Asir' meant he was bound, powerless, a queen’s possession.


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