Six Sentence Sunday: Flight #5

Welcome back, Sixers! Sorry I failed to post more from Flight on the 18th; life intruded on art, and I missed Six Sentence Sunday. Some of you stopped by and left comments anyway, and I so appreciate your kind words.

Because you've so patiently waited to find out what the Catcher wants our hero to see, I'm skipping ahead a few paragraphs. We now join Bartholomew on the roof of the brick tenement where the crows are gazing down at the Five Points -- New York's Sixth Ward.

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Bartholomew followed their gaze and spied a small figure flitting between horse carts, tradesmen, and sluggards. A small girl, her blonde braids flying and blue shawl clutched to her chest, was sprinting his way with an older girl and two boys in pursuit. He crouched at the ledge, dragged on his cigarette, and watched with keen, unblinking eyes.

With her pursuers gaining ground, the urchin was rerouted by an overturned market cart. She ducked between two men and scuttled around the corner into the dead-end alley below Bartholomew. She ran to a door at the rear of the building and yanked on its handle, but it didn’t give. With a little shriek and a kick to the door, she whirled, and found her escape had been blocked.


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