Six Sentence Sunday: Huzzah!

That huzzah is to celebrate the return of Six Sentence Sunday. Like many other writers and readers, I missed my Sunday fix. But, the refreshed site looks terrific thanks to the fabulous efforts of Sara Brookes, and we are ready to make our eyeballs bleed, once again. In honor of the new site, I decided to post something from a different WIP. Girl Under Glass is a sci/fi romance that I'm halfway through editing.

Here, the main character, Rachel, is confronting a soldier in her yard. He, Ehtishem, is from the alien society that conquered Earth when Rachel was a child; which explains why she's pointing a shotgun at him.

(Please forgive the extra sentence this week.) ------------ His tone remained steady as he asked, “You’d shoot me because I was born on another planet?”

It sounded unreasonable, even to my ears, but I didn’t move. I wouldn’t concede the point, not to one of Earth’s conquerors.

“I can’t undo my birth now, can I?” He crossed his arms.

I raised the gun to point at his head. “I can.” ------------ As I always do, I encourage writers and readers to visit the other Six Sentence Sunday blog posts and/or participate. Huzzah!