Six Sentence Sunday: Imprisoned

So, you guys get a big, fat THANKS! You all found something resonant in last week's Six Sentence Sunday Girl Under Glass post. And, after reading all your comments, I realized I needed to keep and expand that scene. See? Many brains can be better than one when it comes to editing. The interrogation scene isn't safe for human consumption, yet, so here's something from a bit later. The sedatives, etc. are wearing off, and Rachel's becoming aware of her surroundings and the threats she faced during questioning. (Pearl is her six-year-old daughter. They were separated when the Ohnenrai troops captured them.)

----- I heard whispers, crying. I moved where they moved, shuffling my lead feet.

“Give me answers if you want Pearl to live past this day, Rachel Pryne.” The meaning of that threat slowly came into focus with each passing hour. Despair and hatred warred for dominance, and I swung between the two like a broken pendulum, cracking my case and losing time.


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