Six Sentence Sunday: Mahle

Thanks for coming back for another Six Sentence Sunday post from Girl Under Glass. I'm hoping I don't get killed for this, but I'm going over the six limit. A lot of people asked about the mahle flower from last week's post, and I can't find a sentence to cut from this without marring the explanation. So, picking up directly where we left off in the conversation with Sree and Rachel: ----- “Like the Thrai’s name?”

A smile created crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes as she replied, “Yes, like his name. The mahle flower lulls you with its sweetness and beauty, but once it takes hold, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. Its vines are strong enough to pull down a tree, and the roots yield a deadly toxin when burned or boiled.” She turned to me and added, “And there’s no environment where it does not thrive.” Her gaze traveled past me, and I followed it to where Ehtishem stood conferring with Mahzel and Huorem while Adam waited at his heels. “Suitable to the man, don’t you agree, Mother Rachel?” ----- Thanks for all the fantastic feedback and support, guys. And, if you're new to Six Sentence Sunday, see more posts here and find out how to join in the fun.