Six Sentence Sunday: Matilde Kicks Ass

Continuing Six Sentence Sunday with material from Fall for Me. I decided that since I've shown Bartholomew's imposing presence, and introduced that royal bitch, Claire, it's time you got to see Matilde in action. She is, after all, a very dangerous daemon in her own right. (And, I hope I'll be forgiven for going one sentence over the limit. Mea culpa.) WARNING: Here there be violence.

In this scene, Matilde is crouched upon her heavy, wooden kitchen table, poised to punish two men who are attacking her maid, Petchra.


Her rapist’s back faced me. He didn’t see death coming.

I grabbed his head with both hands, jerked him backwards, and slammed his skull into the table’s edge. I felt a sickening crunch as his head separated from his spine, and his skull fragmented. I let his convulsing body fall to the floor where he flopped about like a fish.

The other soldier had dropped Petchra when I seized his partner. He stared at me. “Jesus Christ.”


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