Six Sentence Sunday: More from Fall for Me

I'm staring at Mr. Potatohead. He's in the middle of my family room and his ass is missing. Even more disturbing is Woody, who is passed out on the floor behind him. Mrs. Potatohead looks worried. (I would be, too, if I was her; nefarious shenanigans are afoot.) Hmmm, that's as good a transition as any into this week's Six Sentence Sunday post. (Yeaaah, just pulled that outta my ass.) I've jumped ahead a bit in Fall for Me to introduce Claire, the antagonist. (For anyone who missed last week's post, Matilde -- the narrator -- and Bartholomew are daemons.)

And for anyone who doesn't know about Six Sentence Sunday, check out the site and all the other fabulous posts. Lots of wonderful, intriguing, and sexy writing to be had every week!

----------------- She folded her arms and smirked. “And I do so doubt that mangy, little bitch standing among the trees is a queen. She’s too … weak.”

I hated her, hated that she so easily controlled Bartholomew, hated her savagery and her remorselessness. My fists clenched so tightly I felt my nails cut into my own flesh. I wanted to make Claire’s smirk a smear. -----------------