Six Sentence Sunday: Remembering Hell

Welcome Sixers, thanks for stopping by. Today's Girl Under Glass post is a reminder of our past losses and a tribute to those who've lost their lives, their loved ones, or their freedom. One of the questions I'm exploring in this book is whether or not violence can be morally justified. (I'm not sure I'll ever have an answer.)

----- My gaze traveled over one white sign. Its large purple block letters proclaimed, 'The Ohnenrai Bring Help.' Someone had used red spray-paint to turn ‘Help’ into ‘Hell’.

I still heard thunderous Ohnenrai troopships and gunships and felt massive, bone-rattling explosions. If I closed my eyes I saw them dispersing soldiers, leveling London, New York, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Beijing, city after city after city. I saw the White House burning, mosques crumbling, Canada afire from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. -----

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