Six Sentence Sunday: The Greater Enemy

Welcome back, Sixers! Thanks for all the fabulous comments on last week's Girl Under Glass post. Now that our household move is over, I'm gaining speed on the edits. About 3/4 thru and getting feedback from my crit group. So today's post introduces Ehtishem's nemesis, Zosh Uahdim Isphahan. The child he speaks of is Rachel's six-year-old daughter, Pearl. Enjoy and don't forget to visit Six Sentence Sunday for more fabulous writing. -----

“I couldn’t care less what happens to your little souvenir. But her child seems adequately intelligent; I’m keeping her as my Dathusha messenger.”

My stomach twisted.

Ehtishem shrugged. “Well, if she doesn’t work out, I’ll take her off your hands.”

“If she doesn’t work out, I’ll blow her out the airlock.”

----- Yeah, what a bastard.