Six Sentence Sunday: Truth vs. Reality

Thanks for all the feedback on last week's Six Sunday post. You guys always make me smile. :D I'm jumping back to the beginning of Girl Under Glass 'cause I'm doing some character analysis with Ehtishem, my stray Ohnenrai soldier. For anyone unfamiliar with this WIP, he showed up in Rachel's yard with a broken ankle and the typically aloof Ohnenrai attitude. (FYI, Rachel owns two dogs.)

----- “Varet!” The word boomed from him even as his expression remained unchanged.

I started at his power, and the dogs ceased their threats. I looked at the outsider with newfound respect; I didn’t know Strangers raised their voices. I’d heard that even in battle, with death snapping their souls from their bodies, they remained ice cold. Maybe that isn't true. -----

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