Six Sentence Sunday: What Matilde Wants, Matilde Gets.

I appreciate all the comments and encouragement I've received from other Six Sentence Sunday participants. I try to read as many posts as possible each week, but rarely have time to get to more than a dozen or so. But, I'm trying, guys, really! So, here's a little more of my lovely daemon, Matilde, from Fall for Me. As you'll see, she's a rather determined lady. -------------- Keeping our lips locked, I led him up the stairs. Every time I felt him hesitate, hold back, retreat, I doubled my efforts. I didn’t allow his doubt. He was mine. I wanted every part of his body and his mind. Then I would have his blood and his soul. --------------

As always, if you're new to Six Sentence Sunday, check out all the other wonderful writing examples to be found every week. Lots of good stories unfolding before our eyes.