Six Sentence Sunday: Words Whispered

Hi-dee-ho Sixers! Welcome back to another Six Sentence Sunday, and thanks for coming by -- both old friends and new. I was looking through some stashed scenes that will end up in the sequel to Girl Under Glass and found this one. ----- I turned back, and he feathered his fingers along my jaw, past my ear, into my hair. He pulled me to him, brushing his lips against mine as he whispered, “Mem vaonare-va, Rahchyel, upairi anghu.”

He loved me more than life. I inhaled those words, slid my arms around his neck, and pulled his mouth to mine for a long, deep kiss.

Ehtishem slipped his arm down my back, grasped my waist, and lifted me to the counter. The world slid away, lost to the feel of his hands and his lips, his tongue and his body, lost to the sound of our breath and words whispered in Ohnenrai and English. -----

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